October is "Jean"tober!

Students are invited to join teachers and staff in celebrating October by dressing up in their favorite jeans and the theme for the day.  

"Jean"tober (October) days:

  • 6th - College Shirt Day!
  • 7th - Save the Day! Wear a Superhero shirt and jeans!
  • 8th - Hats Off to the Weekend! Wear a hat and jeans!
  • 11th - Save the Day! Wear a Superhero shirt and jeans!
  • 12th - Breast Cancer Day! Wear pink shirt and jeans!
  • 13th - College Shirt Day!
  • 14th - Chuck it Up! - Wear your favorite sneakers and jeans!
  • 15th - Boss'/ Principal's Day! - Wear your boss'/Principal's favorite color and jeans!
  • 18th - We Got Game! - Wear your favorite team shirt and jeans!
  • 19th - Camo Day! - Wear camo color shirt and jeans!
  • 20th - College Shirt Day!
  • 21st - Sweats are the Best! Wear work/school appropriate sweatpants!
  • 22nd - Wear any MISD Spirit Shirt and Jeans!
  • 25th -  Drug Free Looks Like Me! - Wear Red shirt and jeans! Red Ribbon Day!
  • 26th - Storybook Character Day!
  • 27th - MISD Day! - Wear your MISD shirt and jeans!
  • 28th - 1st Responders Day! - Wear patriotic colors and jeans!
  • 29th - Freaky Friday - Wear Halloween colors and jeans!

Check out the printable calendar!