Red Ribbon Week is This Week!

Red Ribbon Week is this week, October 25th through October 29th.  Each day the students and staff can participate by dressing up as the theme of that day. 

  • Monday, October 25th - Be a superhero! You have the power to say NO to drugs.
    • Wear a superhero shirt (no costumes allowed)
  • Tuesday, October 26th - We are too smart to do drugs!
    • Dress up as a storybook character and bring the book to school.
  • Wednesday, October 27th - Team up against drugs!
    • Wear a college shirt or a favorite team shirt.
  • Thursday, October 27th - Drugs are crazy!
    • Wear silly, crazy, funny socks.
  • Friday, October 28th - Drug free looks like me!
    • Wear red.

Printable flyer/calendar.