VIP Lunch Next Friday for 1st and 3rd

VIP Lunch for 1st & 3rd Grade                                                       
Friday, September 17, 2021

We invite grandparents to come have lunch with your grand-student/s that are in 1st grade or 3rd grade on this day…

  •  You will need to sign in at the office and receive a visitor pass. 
  •  An ID/Driver’s license is required in order to be scanned in as a visitor.
  • You must be listed as an emergency contact or guardian in Skyward in order to attend lunch. 
  •  We also ask that you limit the number of lunch guests to two people
  • You will have the option to bring your child a lunch or your child may get a lunch from the cafeteria. 
  • There are designated tables where you can eat lunch with your student.
  • You are only allowed to eat with your child, friends of your child aren’t allowed to join you. 
  •  Adult meals can be purchased for $5. We ask that parents wanting to purchase a meal from the cafeteria enter the line after all the students have been served.
  • The next lunch VIP day will be in October. More information will be coming soon.


Lunch times:

  • 1st grade has lunch from 11:20 - 11:50
  • 3rd grade has lunch from 12:20 - 12:50

Please RSVP by Thursday, September 16th by filling out the printable flyer and send it back with your child or fill out the form online.